The Trip2ThePast event was created to raise awareness about Stellar Dawn and the fansites associated with it in Jagex's popular Massively Multiplayer Online game, RuneScape. Members from the official Stellar Dawn forums were in attendence as well as participants from sites such as Stellar Dawn Central and StellarStop. The Combine was well-represented among those present.


The event took place on 18 September, 2010 at 2:00 BST. The gathering started at the Jolly Boar Inn northeast of Varrock for a meet and greet. From there, players paraded up to the Wilderness to spread the word about Stellar Dawn. A brief Clan Wars event was held to determine who was the "strongest" of the sites present. The festivities were rounded off by a parade to the Party Room in Falador, where a drop party was held. Those in attendance let it be known that the drops were thanks to Stellar Dawn and its fans.