Story comp winners

From the Stellar Dawn news page announcing the winners.

The Stellar Dawn Short Story Competition was the first of two competitions held by Jagex on the Official Stellar Dawn Forums, with guaranteed beta keys being awarded to the top 5 entries as prizes. The submitted stories were to be based off the concept art pictures found on the website.


The competition was announced by Jagex on the 26th of July, 2010, only twelve days after the official website was available to the public.


There were three stages of judging to ensure the best entries were selected. The first stage was an elimination stage, where community management Jagex moderators selected their opinions of the best 20 stories. There were around 400 entries, so this was a major stage in thinning out the average entries. For the second stage, the 20 remaining stories were presented on the Stellar Dawn Official Forums for players to read. These entries were not named, so they appeared anonymous, preventing players from voting for friends or clan members. Players could then vote on their first, second and third favourite entries, with a different number of points being awarded depending on their preference. The final stage was when the remaining entries were judged by the Stellar Dawn development team, consisting of Mod Captain, Mod Bennett and Mod Benjamin.[1]


The winners were:

  • Addiv, author of "Five Minutes" (Story 6)
  • Moffatclan, author of "Homecoming" (Story 10)
  • Ahnvar, author of "Caverns of the Mortiga" (Story 11)
  • Mr Jeeves84, author of "Nobody Knows" (Story 12)
  • Orb Master44, author of "First Day" (Story 19)

Two of the five winners were from The Combine : Moffatclan and Mr Jeeves84 .

The top 20 stories are still available to be read on the forums, with mention of the top 10 entries.[2]