The Stellar Dawn Art Competition was the second of two competitions created by Jagex. It began on the 13th of October when players were asked to create a piece of art that was related to Stellar Dawn. Guaranteed beta keys and Stellar Dawn hoodies were awarded to the 6 best entries as prizes.


The art competition was announced on 13 October, 2010, and players were given until 8 November, 2010 to send in their entries. The winners were announced on 18 November, 2010 by members of the SPG , rather than Jagex moderators. Initially only 5 prizes were to be awarded, but Jagex decided that another entry was also worthy of winning the competition, and so they awarded six prizes in total.


The winners were:

  • Ultral33t
  • Spinosaurus
  • Tripsis
  • Marikdebie
  • Tyrutu
  • St Darko

You can view the winning entries here .