Stellar Dawn
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Jagex Games Studio


Browser-based, Sci-fi MMORPG

Website launch:

14 July, 2010

Beta launch:


Full release:


Stellar Dawn is a JaGex developed and published science fiction MMORPG, formerly in development as MechScape. Stellar Dawn is part-reboot and part-spiritual successor to MechScape after MechScape's cancellation. The website was launched on 14 July, 2010 and Beta signups were opened alongside the discussion forum.

The game is "combat-driven with a rich sci-fi storyline." Pre-release news was sketchy, with a complete severance of contact between players and JaGex moderators after nearly half a year of sporadic news updates, and no content updates. This loss of communications carried on well into mid-2011, the stated year of release. Further updates will be added as they occur. Stellar Dawn follows the RuneScape model of payment, with a free version and subscription based version with extra benefits and areas.


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