Stellar Archive


28 September, 2010


Scholarly Arm Creative Writing Project


Submission, review and archival of great Stellar Dawn fanfiction



Other Names

The Archive, Stellar Library

The Stellar Archive is a writing project suggested by Shapeshiftr2 and joint launched alongside IVIilitarus. It was created in order to gather the best Stellar Dawn fanfiction together for entry into a Stellar Archive. Fanfiction is submitted for rigourous review by Stellar Librarians and once accepted, the acceptee is given a Stellar Librarian rank on the off-site forums.

The Stellar Archive is under management of the Scholarly Arm.

Stellar LibrariansEdit

Stellar Librarians are writers who have successfully submitted Stellar Dawn fanfiction into the Stellar Archive, with two exceptions. The Stellar Librarians have proven themselves very good writers after their submissions were put through a rigourous review process.

The current list of Stellar Librarians is:

Shapeshiftr2 - Founder

IVIilitarus - Founder