"Memoria et Mutatio" - Guild Scholarly Arm motto

Scholarly Arm


14 August, 2010


Combine Arm - Scholarly


Teaching, recreation, non-combat events, asset management, paperwork

Other Names

GSA, SA, Scholars

The Combine Scholarly Arm is the administrative, teaching and non-combatant Arm of The Combine, which produces news, manages Combine assets, organises non-combat, public events and manages advancement and learning within The Combine and Stellar Dawn.

This page serves as a source of information about the GSA, supplying potential recruits with its basic functions.

The GSA was founded as a centre of learning and community-building. Everything not directly combat-related would fit in here. The GSA is the less murderous counterpart to the GMA, allowing players to learn about other parts of Stellar Dawn like the story, lore and places.

The GSA is also planned to host live, educational lectures through voicechat on every topic within Stellar Dawn.

The Scholarly Arm as an Administrative CentreEdit

The Scholarly Arm performs all asset management and administrative duties within The Combine. They manage the day to day business of running The Combine's projects and membership, as well as preparing non-combat events, public events and maintaining the wiki and forums.

Entry is for permanent members only and requires contribution to The Combine, so as to ensure an active management to maintain The Combine.

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The Scholarly Arm's motto is a Latin phrase, translating to "Memory and Change."