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14 July, 2011


Combine Arm - Scholarly


Combine official blog, member written blog, soapbox

Other Names:

SDComBlog, Blog

The SD Combine Blog is the official blog of The Combine with all posts written by Combine members or selected guests. It is hosted on Blogspot for ease of use and access. Members who wish to write entries shold heed the Blog Publishing Guidelines . All entries must be sent to the active Leader and the Scholarly Arm Executor via private message on the off-site forums. Once posts have been accepted and screened, they are uploaded on behalf of the poster by either the Leader or Scholarly Arm Executor. A post does not have to be screened by everyone, but people who do screen it must approve.


The SD Combine Blog was launched by Combine founder IVIilitarus, who wanted a place for Combine members to contribute creatively without too many stringent rules, such as in normal contributions. A place where opinions and humour are strongly encouraged that gave members the opportunity to be heard by the rest of The Combine was needed and the blog was launched.

Blog Publishing GuidelinesEdit

The Blog Publishing Guidelines are a set of rules, suggestions and guidelines that should be met when submitting a post. Due to the subjective nature of creative writing, not all rules need to be obeyed all the time.

See: Blog Publishing Guidelines