Combine Reform is a periodic process in which the Combine in expanded and updated. Usually, a slew of upgrades in existing aspects of the Combine are all upgraded, such as re-writing outdated posts, cleaning up member lists and editing errors from existing posts. Any mistakes that are small enough to be ignored for the time being are left for the Reform.

The biggest addition during Reform is usually the addition of new Divisions to the Combine. These reforms usually happen near the end of the thread's 2000 post lifespan on the Stellar Dawn Official Forums, so a new thread is made with all of the necessary additions, without needing to fill out a new page with posts halfway through the thread.

Reforms are launched by the leader, who posts a list of projected changes, new ideas, begins a voting process on what content will be released, what needs updating and what will not be released. The votes are taken into account and changes to the plan are made as needed.

Reform HistoryEdit

[[First Reform|
First Reform

First Reform Document

1st Reform]]

  • SDCombine Wiki is launched.
  • Combine Central is added.
  • Militant Arm rank structure overhauled, new Militant Arm is dedicated fighting force.
  • Scholarly Arm changed to management and administration bureau.