Combine Mottos are pithy phrases which usually embody a particular group's goals, intentions and functionality. Combine Mottos are always written in Latin, and may be humourous or pretentious, depending on what they are assigned to.

Combine Central and both Arms are all assigned a motto, appearing alongside the ASCII logo on the Combine thread on the Stellar Dawn Official Forums.

Combine Mottos as a Weapon Against Pretentious PeopleEdit

Mottos see most of their use as a humourous, satirical take on the standard, pretentious Latin motto, used by every organisation looking to sound smarter than they actually are. Such organisation's leaders usually spend all of 4 minutes on Google using the search term 'Latin quotes' or 'Roman military quotes' and take the first pretentious thing less than 5 words long that seems pronounceable to their less than substantial minds.

The Combine does not credit any clan with a pretentious Latin motto with an overabundance of brains, but is also somewhat guilty of pretentious Latin mottos. The Combine's, Combine Central's and the Scholarly Arm's are in the standard vein of clan Latin mottos and are the closest the Combine will ever stray to truly pretentious.

Existing Mottos and MeaningsEdit

The CombineEdit

"Ad astra, per Consortium' - "To the stars, through the Combine"

Combine CentralEdit

"Scientia et Suffriagium" - "Knowledge and Assistance"

Militant ArmEdit

"Sine stercus tauri" - "No Bullshit"

Scholarly ArmEdit

"Memoria et Mutatio" - "Memory and Change"


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