"[redacted], [redacted] et [redacted]" - Ministry of Lies and Propaganda motto

Ministry of Lies and Propaganda




Scholarly Arm - Division


Information technology, analysis, media production, creation and distribution of propaganda

Other Names

MiniTruth, Lies

The Ministry of Lies and Propaganda (MiniTruth) was a proposed Scholarly Division of The Combine . The MiniTruth was formed to handle media, marketing and information within The Combine, analysing battle reports, managing Combine member blogs, official blogs, social networking, moderating and updating the wiki.

When Divisions were cancelled, on July 1, 2011, this Ministry and all planning behind it placed in The Combine's History for future reference. There was no intention of recreation.

Dedicated video makers, journalists and bloggers working specifically for The Combine function within MiniTruth, as do fanfiction writers, until fanfiction warrants an entirely new division.

The MiniTruth as The Combine MediaEdit

The Ministry of Lies and Propaganda is a learning centre for players who wish to advance their media knowledge with practical uses in Stellar Dawn, whilst applying their skills practically in producing various media for The Combine.

Writing advice, video making skills and information management is taught here, for everyone to reap the benefits of art talent in Stellar Dawn.


The Ministry of Lies and Propaganda's motto is a Latin phrase, translating to "[redacted], [redacted] and [redacted]".