"Sine stercus tauri" - Combine Militant Arm motto

Militant Arm


14 August, 2010


Combine Arm - Militant


Combat events, combat training, live battle events, high-impact diplomacy

Other Names

GMA, MA, Militants

The Combine Militant Arm is the dedicated fighting Arm of The Combine. The Militant Arm will consist of a disciplined, well-drilled army capable of undertaking the full spectrum of combat in the 'combat-driven' Stellar Dawn. It is the military counterpart to the more scholarly GSA.

This page serves as a source of information about the GMA, supplying potential recruits with the basic functions of the GMA.

The GMA was founded to have a ready military force in a combat-driven game to host friendly PvP and PvE events with other people and defending The Combine in case of war.

The Militant Arm as a Superior Fighting ForceEdit

There are three guiding principles for combat within the Militant Arm, and they form the groundwork of all Militant Arm field doctrine. All rules of engagement within the Militant Arm will be based on the concepts illustrated within these principles.

1. Shoot first or be first shot.
2. The rules of fair play are irrelevant in love and war.
3. Disregard all Guild Militant Arm Combat Doctrine if it is advantageous to do so and if there is no risk to the objective.

The Militant Arm is built from the ground up as a well-disciplined, ruthless fighting force, intent on finishing a war as quickly and brutally as remotely possible, with the intention of utterly destroying an opposition's ability to function after the war at minimal resource cost to The Combine. All Rules of Engagement and Militant Arm doctrine is meant to make life for the enemy as hard as possible, making them regret ever engaging The Combine. Chivalry and honour go out the window in favour of a straight victory.

Adaptability and effective thinking are prioritised above rules and orders. Focus fire works as long as the commanders are in play. If the commanders and their backups are incapacitated, the squad leaders take over and focus fire their chosen squads and achieve objectives in smaller teams.


The Militant Arm's motto is a Latin phrase, translating to "No Bullshit".