This Member Archive is a list of all current and former Combine members, their promotional history, achievements and ranks.

Names marked with a '*' indicate an honourary member status, awarded to people for various achievements and contributions to The Combine and its community.

Award and Certificate Key

ABW, First Awareness Building Effort Citation - Awarded for participation in the Trip2thePast event.

IWT, I Was There Citation - Awarded for participation in the Stellar Dawn Birthday Party event hosted by the Steel Alliance.

Combine Central Member Archive

Specialist Members


Leader, Founder - IWT

Lady Dragon

Scholarly Arm Executor - ABW; IWT

Combine RuneScape Branch Manager

Arc Tech

Executor - ABW, IWT

Event Manager

Ranked Members

None yet.

Unranked Fighters

Stellar Two, Fighter

Ryans Toast, Fighter

Knighticus, Fighter

Rusty Life1, Fighter

Terramaxim, Fighter

Jjrnedraw3, Fighter

4guillaume4, Fighter

Unranked Academics

Mr Jeeves84

Academic - ABW


Academic - ABW

Scion Os, Academic


Academic - IWT

Elias Erebus, Academic

Luos Rebbur*, Academic

Wooden Mime, Academic

Plasma Flux, Academic

Rider Anton, Academic

124sebastian, Academic


Academic - IWT

Moffatclan, Academic

Karl Arne0, Academic

Jaylez, Academic

Pliiguy, Academic

Chapmainia, Academic

Swart Goud, Academic

Shapeshiftr2, Academic

Tassel, Academic

Militant Arm Member Archive

None yet.

Scholarly Arm Member Archive

None yet.

Former Combine Members

CornOnTheMob, Academic

The Combine RuneScape Branch Member Archive

IVIilitarus, Owner

Lady Dragon, Deputy Owner

Arc Tech, Captain

Karl Arne0, Recruit

Moffatclan, Recruit

Zephyrraeon, Recruit

Valeyor, Recruit

Certavitiger, Recruit