The general rules of The Combine as of November 21, 2010. These rules are quite standard in that most are general knowledge. Anyone with the ability to kick is encouraged to do so at their own discretion, as long as proof has been provided that the kick/ban was justifiable.

  1. Obey all Jagex and ingame rules.

  2. Obey all forum rules.

  3. Obey all Guild rules.

  4. Do not insult anyone based on orientation, religion, race, gender or circumstances. Disobedience is grounds for immediate expulsion.

  5. If applying, change 'Did you read the rules' to 'Did I read the rules'.

  6. Respect the higher ranked. Respect the lower ranked. Respect the interlopers.

  7. Do not beg for ranks. Ever.

  8. Act maturely, responsibly and honestly at all times.

  9. Do not troll, or do anything for the sake of irritating people.

  10. If applying, also swap the word 'rules' for 'rulers' when asked if you read the rules or not.

  11. Remain active, notify the guild in advance of any upcoming inactivity.

  12. Keep the damned thread bumped and interesting. No bitching about trash nobody cares about on this thread.

  13. Multi-clanning within Stellar Dawn is not recommended. Ask permission from both ends before you attempt to join. RuneScape clans are allowed. Multi-clanning with combat based clans is not allowed at all.

  14. Disputes should be settled peacefully and maturely.

  15. Do not attempt to break any rules in our chatrooms and do not use our chatrooms to discuss topics that disobey rules.

  16. Attempt to exercise spelling, grammar and basic punctuation. No use being mature if you type like a chimpanzee. Or if a chimpanzee can type better than you.

  17. Do not attempt to test limits of Ranking Members' patience. If they can prove you were trying to mess with them, they can boot you.

  18. Ranking Members should be most active in the Guild chatrooms and less so in other places.