Mod Comnet informing The Combine of the ExNet breach

The Ex-Net Breach occurred on 13 October, 2010. The community was notified of it through postings on multiple threads in the Headquarters section of the forums, as well as the Lamanai Dig thread. As soon as the ExNet was breached, Jagex moderators stopped posting on the forums, although on 12 November, 2010, some Jagex moderators edited some of their previous posts. The first real post since communications were cut off occurred on July 21, 2011, when a post was made informing the community that the forums, contrary to what was said in an unconfirmed leak, were not going to be shut down.

Jagex Communication after the BreachEdit

As the Stellar Dawn Art Competition was running when the Ex-Net breach occured, Jagex used Mod Comnet to answer questions about the Art Competition by players. Communications with the SPG (Special Projects Group) did not halt until Alex Novak and D Georgiou of the Helen Grange Saga announced the winners of the Art Competition.[1]

The PlanEdit

The Plan was constantly referred to by Jagex Moderators wherever they commented. The Plan was created by someone unknown and involves preventing Stellar Dawn players from uncovering much new information while still remaining in contact. The reasoning for not informing the players is said to be that ninjas were watching Jagex Headquarters and they could harm the staff for letting any information slip.