"Ab hoc videre domum tuum" - Division of Skulduggery, Skullpluggery and other Methods of Ungentlemanly Warfare's motto

Division of Ungentlemanly Warfare




Militant Arm - Division


Finger pointing, infiltration, stealing, denial of own existence, Clan Map padding

Other Names

BlackOps, jerks

The Division of Skullduggery, Skullpluggery and other Methods of Ungentlemanly Warfare was a theorised Militant Division which would specialise in intelligence gathering, stealing and sowing discontent in hostile player organisations and performing counter-espionage for The Combine itself.

When Divisions were cancelled, on July 1, 2011, this Division and all planning behind it placed in The Combine's History for future reference. There was no intention of recreation.

The existent or non-existent Division of Ungentlemanly Warfare is neither confirmed, nor denied and all Combine members are required to deny or not confirm the existence of this entirely theoretical group.

If the existence of this Division could be confirmed, they would most likely be operating outside of Jagex rules and would be shut down immediatly.

Perhaps the most important use of this page (and indeed, the entire Division of Ungentlemanly Warfare) is that the length of this page's title results in 'padding' the Clan Map on the front page. Without the long link of this page, the Ministry of Lies and Propaganda's name would unbalance the Clan Map and irritate the (perfectionist) leader.

Rank Overview and OrganisationEdit

The Division of Skulduggery, Skullpluggery and other Methods of Ungentlemanly Warfare runs on an agent/handler system. All operators actively infiltrating rival organisations are referred to as agents and personnel who compile data and interact with agents are handlers.

Agents work in the field, infiltrating, relaying information and building up a trust within their target organisations. Agents collect information on upcoming plans and play the part of perfectly upright members within their organisation. In case of outright hostility, an agent will begin inciting minor troubles within their target organisation, usually in the form of finger-pointing and using their reputation as a reliable member of the community to leverage against opposing arguments. When opportunities arise, agents may attempt to smuggle clan assets back to their handlers, who sell the items and deposit the money into The Combine.

Handlers are members of The Combine in either Core, Arm or Division who are assigned agents and are charged with compiling information sent by agents, retrieving and disposing of stolen and writing up reports to send to higher ups.

If they existed.


The Division of Skulduggery, Skullpluggery and other Methods of Ungentlemanly Warfare's motto is a Latin phrase, translating to "I can See Your House from Here".