Divisions were planned to be specialised, offshoot organisations which functioned independently from other aspects of The Combine and had their own select tasks.

On July 1, 2011 the concept of forming Divisions was revised and it was decided that The Combine would not implement them in the Second Reform as was previously planned.

The reasoning was that they had no real purpose, and could cause The Combine to split excessively. It was deemed easier to give individual members of either Arm tasks previously associated with the Divisions.

Former Introductory Paragraph of DivisionsEdit

A Division or Ministry was a specialised, offshoot organisation from either the Scholarly or Militant Arm. A Division was a smaller organisation which supported its mother Arm and the rest of The Combine through performing various duties as a self-contained group which benefited The Combine in its own way.

Divisions were self-sufficient in performing duties, but required links to other Divisions to relay information, provide resources and defend itself. Divisions were added with reforms and new Divisions have handpicked members from other Divisions asked to fill out the ranks after formation and will draw qualified new members from Central or whichever Arm/Division can provide useful additions.

Divisions as Organisational ResourcesEdit

Divisions provide a logical, organised way with which to manage a larger clan requiring greater support from specialised groups. Each Division is capable of performing basic duties alone, and provides beneficial resources to the clan when working in tandem with other Divisions.

Divisions are also self-contained bases for their activities and problems that arise within a Division, such as event failures and loopholes in rules tend to be localised within the division, making problem solving a far easier task.

Synergy Within DivisionsEdit

Divisions are encouraged to work together to achieve their goals. The Arms are usually starting points for players wishing to join a Division and are a base. The main strength of a Division is working with other Divisions. The Ministry of Lies and Propaganda may cooperate with the Division of Ungentlemanly Warfare at the same time as the Militant Arm, using incoming spy reports alongside battlefield intelligence and reports to produce better reporting and as a method to teach learning members the ropes of writing stories, articles and/or propaganda.

Planned DivisionsEdit

Ministry of Lies and PropagandaEdit

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