With the release of the official Stellar Dawn website came the release of six pieces of concept art. These six were accompanied by a seventh picture labelled "Coming Soon." No more pieces have been released as of July 2011 however, since the opening of the site. These are the six pictures used as the subject and inspiration for the Stellar Dawn Short Story Competition.


Falling PodsEdit

This piece of concept art revolves around four ships or pods hurtling down through the atmosphere of an unknown planet. No clues are given as to whether the planet is inhabited or the vehicles' intent.


This piece shows two vehicles flying towards a technologically advanced dam, likely a source of hydroelectric power for the region.


Shows an underground settlement with many different hubs, each surrounding a beam of spiraling green light. Bats seem to be the only living thing in the picture. This may be an example of a town within the game.

Mushroom RocksEdit

This painting depicts a bleak landscape of mushroom-shaped structures, which could be rocks or else dwelling places for an unseen race. Two insectoid creatures fly through the middle of it all.

Ground AssaultEdit

This picture shows three aircraft attacking a large beast with some sort of laser technology and missiles. This hints at a possible use of airborne combat within the game.


This last piece of concept art shows a futuristic city, with skyscrapers, transport ships, and a sprawling urban base. As with Settlement, this may be a major city within the game.