Combine RuneScape Branch


1 April, 2011


Non-Stellar Dawn Branch


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Other Names

CRB, Runescape Branch, RB

The Combine RuneScape Branch is a spin-off of The Combine, based within Jagex' other MMORPG, RuneScape. The Combine itself is primarily a Stellar Dawn clan, but all Combine members regardless of placement in divisions and ranks or current duties are welcome to take part in RuneScape events.

Moreso, the CRB is an awareness clan on RuneScape used to build awareness for The Combine and Stellar Dawn. RuneScape players are recruited into the CRB to be given a friendly, mature and intelligent place of relaxation with periodic events. The CRB has occasional events, but none are mandatory and it is a self-contained community first. The CRB has no real duties on RuneScape and has nothing to do beyond minor advertising.

The CRB has no rank structure; all general Combine policies apply when The Combine is present on RuneScape, just as it would on Stellar Dawn. All members are allowed to participate in RuneScape events unless specified.

If Combine members have a clan within RuneScape, they are permitted to remain in their current clan as long as the leader is notified of this, so as to prevent confusion. All Combine members without a RuneScape clan are asked to register with The Combine RuneScape Branch. They may leave anytime without consequence to their membership in The Combine on Stellar Dawn.

The home thread of the CRB can be found here: 90-91-738-63017007

The recruitment thread can be found here: 93-94-360-63023492


The idea for the CRB was formed on the 1 April, 2011 as a way to bring some element of The Combine to RuneScape, as well as to test out the large Clan Update which was to be released on 12 April, 2011 which included official recognition of clans and the Clan Camp.

This was escalated into a full-fledged clan on July 16, 2011 when the leader IVIilitarus gave administration and running of the CRB to Lady Dragon, the Scholarly Arm Executor to turn it from more than a tumbleweed ridden place nobody visited to a proper link between RuneScape and Stellar Dawn.