"Scientia et Suffragium" - Combine Central motto

Combine Central




Combine Core


Entrance and starting point for new members, home to standard and casual members, Combine kraal

Other Names

CC, Central

Combine Central is the core of The Combine, housing all new, casual and standard members. Combine Central leads down to the Militant and Scholarly Arms.

Combine Central is currently under construction, and will be launched with the First Reform.

Combine Central is to house newly accepted applicants into The Combine, as well as players who have not yet chosen to branch out further to either Arm and casual members, who have no intention of a permanent stay and plan to leave as soon as they have what they want.

Combine Central as the Core of The CombineEdit

Combine Central is arguably the most important, single component of The Combine, as all new members enter here and there is a readily available pool of experienced players we can call on for help when needed. Players exiting Combine Central to either Arm carry with them the opportunity to bring more skilled, intelligent players to strengthen The Combine and help accomplish its goals.


Combine Central's motto is a Latin phrase, translating to "Knowledge and Assistance."