• Mr Jeeves84

    And So It Ends

    November 23, 2011 by Mr Jeeves84

    I missed a day on here yesterday. 123 days, reset back to 1. Basically, I'm done on here for now. No more x days on the Wiki badges for me. That's it. I can't do 200 more. =[ Sad Jeeves.

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  • Mr Jeeves84

    86 More...

    November 12, 2011 by Mr Jeeves84

    Well, I hit 100 days. And now there's 200 to get. And after that, there's apparently another one. Well, I've got just under three months left until I get the next badge, so that'll be fun. Also, I'm making this solely so I can comment on it and get one step closer to that 10 comments badge. This is the life.

    EDIT: Well, this is a joke. It won't let me add a comment for some reason. Someone else, make a post so I can comment on it.

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  • Mr Jeeves84


    September 10, 2011 by Mr Jeeves84

    Well, here I am. Still. 51 days in a row and still going strong, although it seems that no one else has been on here for a few weeks. Now, maybe I'm just delusional, but I was still under the impression that we were getting things fixed up around here for the beta release! Yeah, it doesn't look imminent, but when it does show up, we should have a nice home for all the information that we'll be getting! So anywhos, it would just be nice if someone else showed up and started doing something. Like writing more blog posts so I can comment on them and get that achievement! =D

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  • Mr Jeeves84

    So I've just been going around clicking on everything and this little thing showed up. Now, it's my understanding that I can get an achievement by doing this, which is pretty much the only reason to do anything, so I'll just go right ahead and publish this in a second. Also, I didn't know that we had this wiki as far back as March. We probably did, but there are just a lot of things about The (the?) Combine that I didn't know until just now.

    Well, this is fun. Really. I don't know if someone will read this or not. I don't know if this a community blog or a personal blog or if people actually read this. Who knows. I don't. Right, that's enough of that. I'll save the rest for the actual blog. Peace.

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  • Zephyraeon


    July 3, 2011 by Zephyraeon

    So this is my blog. I'll probably never actually use it again, but I just wanted to get another bronze badge thing so I'd get 10 more points in the wiki. (It's the req. for some citation to have 140 point ATM). So I reckon I'll look back and be like, lolol, I was such a noob. And probably won't even remember this, but I'm doing it now anyway. So hi.

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  • IVIilitarus

    Achievement Whore

    April 2, 2011 by IVIilitarus

    Just writing this to get an achivement. I'm kind of like that.

    I do have a real blog at

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  • Lady Dragon

    Barren Fruitful Wiki

    March 20, 2011 by Lady Dragon

    Felicitous salutations, e'eryone who's decided t'read my first wiki blog! Though there's presently hardly a soul in sight, I feel that this wiki already is quite bountiful with Militarus's copious contributions t'the Wiki.

    There's a blatant contrast between the media within this guild with my previous RuneScape clan:

    Though I suppose that my RuneScape clan does possess a website and such, 'tis seldom updated. I understand that the leader is often very busy (which would truly hinder regular updates and news), but there is a fraction of the news where 'tis exulting o'er our two year anniversary, and then our third year anniversary following right after.

    ...'Twould appear that Militarus, on the other hand, actually *enjoys* writing. Improving ou…

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